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Who needs it?

Anyone who wants to update their home with a brand new floor.

How we Do it

Our process will give you peace of mind because we ensure we take all the proper steps to give you quality craftsmanship. First, we will work closely together to find the right floor that fights your dream home. We start off by covering up your valuables. Then we remove the old floor, tile, or carpet.  We sand, prep, and level our subfloor, we will have a smooth surface to start installing your new floors. Throughout the whole process, we use the Atomic Dust Contaminant to make sure all the dust and debris won't be in the air. Using an adhesive/moisture barrier we glue and or nail your floor down. Once we finish laying the floor and the adhesive is dry we will finish it off with a polyurethane finish, to make it look clean and beautiful. 


Hardwood flooring installation is simply putting in a new floor. We will take out the previous floor and transform it into the new vision you have for your home. 

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