Hardwood flooring installation is simply putting in a new floor . We start by removing the old floors, if needed use an adhesive/moisture barrier, and then install the floor using the proper technique. To complete the floor we use polyurethane.

Our Process

  • In an attempt to best protect your furniture, we begin the process by carefully moving your furniture away from the installation site. We then cover the area surrounding the installation site along with the site itself, to protect all surfaces nonessential to the installation process and minimize dust. The current floor is then demolished and disposed of, whether it is carpet, tile, or wood.

  • Preparing the concrete for installation begins with making sure the slab is clean, free from any surface contaminants. Using an Atomic Dust Containment system to eliminate dust, we diamond grind the area to make it more porous, so that the adhesive will absorb properly. Using a 2 part adhesive/moisture barrier, we will apply a coat to the concrete with a trowel. This adhesive/moisture barrier prevents moisture from rising through the concrete to your wood floor.

  • Our certified installers will then hand-lay your floor of choice. If it is a pre-finished floor, we will lay it directly on the layer of adhesive, and if it is an unfinished floor, we will first lay plywood, lay the floor, and then sand and finish it to your liking.

  • Each adhesive takes approximately nine hours to dry, under the right conditions, and so we will allow the floor to dry overnight, return the next day, clean your floor and site, and move back all furniture.

Other installation services we offer are:

  • Custom floors

  • Borders

  • Inlays

  • A number of different patterns

  • Lace-in floor repairs