Refinishing is the process of restoring your outdated floor by means of removing any unwanted stains, adding a new stain and/ or texture, and then protecting that stain using a polyurethane finish.

Our Process

  • In an attempt to best protect your furniture, we begin the process by carefully moving your furniture away from the refinishing site. We then cover the area surrounding the refinishing site along with the site itself, to protect all surfaces nonessential to the refinishing process and minimize dust.

  • Using an Atomic Dust Containment System (DCS), we then sand down your floor. Before the DCS, sanding was a dusty, unhealthy job. Now, using the DCS, there is almost zero dust going into the air, making for a cleaner, safer, and faster process.

  • We then stain your floor to the desired color using either the Bona DriFast Stain or the Dura-Seal Quick Coat Stain. Under the right conditions, using these stains allows for an approximated 2 hour wait time before the next coat can be applied. We apply stain by hand using a rag technique that allows the stain to penetrate the wood.

  • Once the stain is completely dry, three coats of a Bona waterborne polyurethane finish are applied to your floor using a T-Bar. The Bona Mega Clear HD is usually applied, but in some cases, the Bona Traffic is used for a more protective finish.

  • The following day, after the floor has been allowed to dry overnight, we come back in, clean the site and move back all furniture.

Other refinishing services we offer are:


  • Wood bleaching

  • Hand distress

  • Wire brushing

  • Color matching