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Who needs it?

Anyone who wants to keep their hardwood floor but it's damaged by the sun, pet urine, water, or natural wear and tears. 

How we do it

If you want new floors but don't want to remove and install new ones, refinishing your floors is the best option. We start off every process the same using plastic to cover your belongings. Next, we sand your floors to take off the old stain and finish. Throughout the whole process we are sanding we use the Atomic Dust Containment System to contain all the sand and debris. Once we get an even and flat surface we chose the stain or color you decide. We finish it off by using a polyurethane finish. this creates a new floor using what you already had.   




Refinishing is restoring your outdated floor by sanding away any unwanted stains, adding a new stain and/ or texture, and then protecting that stain using a polyurethane finish.

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